Inshore fishing in Alabama heats up in the spring with hungry speckled trout biting all kinds of bait.Spring tides and hungry speckled trout are upon us!  Time to go fishing!

Spring is the time to hunt down those big hungry speckled trout.  This 25.5” beauty was caught over rolling sandy flats in about4 feet of water on a falling spring tide.  Big tide movement will often have bait caught in the wash, especially over and around structure, and the agile trout are able to pick off their prey.  Live bait is always good and even better if you can “match the hatch”.  Live shrimp under a popping cork is an old favorite, especially over grasses.  Big fish are more often times caught on big bait, and fishing small croakers or finger mullet can be very productive.  Artificial baits like Berkley Gulps and DOA can be fished on the bottom or under popping corks.  Top-water baits like “Mirro-Lure Pop-A-Dog”, “Skitterwalk”, and “Zara Spook” can produce some outstanding action and memories.

Gulf Coast Game

Inshore Saltwater Fish Species on the Alabama Gulf Coast: 

What kind of fish can I catch in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Mobile, AL?  This is where to find out if you want to fish for speckled trout, redfish, flounder, and more.  Learn tendencies of each fish and how to target to their feeding patterns.


Tide Charts for Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Mobile Bay:  Fishing the tides is a tradition.  Knowing the tides is crucial.  Fish when tide movement is at its greatest, sometimes the water is still at peak high or low tide.  Learn the tides and catch fish.


Surf Fishing in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, AL:  Surf fishing is a year round activity on the beaches of Gulf Shores & Orange Beach.  Learn what fish are biting off the beaches and what baits they typically feed on.  Find popular surf fishing gear and tackle to make your trip enjoyable.


Bait & Tackle for fishing the Alabama Gulf Coast:  The right bait and tackle is the difference between a great day fishing or a bust.  Fill your cooler, hang one on the wall, or take that fish photo of a lifetime by knowing how to match your bait & tackle to your fish.


Alabama Saltwater Fishing Regulations:  Know fish bag and creel  limits before getting in the water.  Some fish have slots, some limits change year to year.  Don't be in violation.